Rob Allen - Co Owner & Head Coach.   

I am the head coach and co owner of Gym 180°, I have over a decade of experience in Combat sports, Martial Arts and Fitness Coaching, with multiple fight victory's and title wins to my name.

I am the Former Professional Muay Thai UK ranked number #2 & WBC world ranked number #5 and a former European Champion just to name a few of my successes. 


Before I was able to succeed, I had to change my life. I was nearly 19 stone of fat and on the wrong path of life in my late teens. My mental health was very low and I had very little understanding of exercise and nutrition. 


I now use my Level 3 Strength & Conditioning qualification and level 3 personal training qualification along side my Martial Arts knowledge to help change people's lives. My passion is coaching and guiding people to be healthier, fitter, stronger and brighter versions of themselves. 


I coach all ages, starting from as young as 4 year's old and from all walks of life. Using both my knowledge of Martial Arts & fitness I can help you achieve great things. To date I have coached a wide range of athletes at both professional and amateur level. I have done this with both hands on fight skill training in Muay Thai Kickboxing & Boxing and using my S&C skills to help improve their sports performance. I have worked with UK Number 1s in Muay Thai to premiership rugby players, along with having an amateur MMA fighter & an amateur Taekwondo athlete both medal at the world championships. 

Don't consider yourself an athlete, nor do you want to be one?

That's ok... I have a great passion for coaching health, fitness & Martial Arts to those that are just starting out or want to train for fun, because I was once just like you and needed to take my first steps too. 


So if your looking for a passionate coach that's dedicated to helping you achieve your goals no matter what level you are then I could help you. 


For more information please get in contact. 



Charlotte Allen - Co Owner & Coach.  


I am the co owner and assistant coach of Gym 180°.

I am a level 3 qualified personal trainer & active professional Muay Thai fighter. I have a keen passion for children's health, fitness & Martial Arts. I work with all ages of children from 4+ so they can build their strength, improve their fitness and become more confident.  


I specialize in coaching women of all walks of life that want to get stronger, loose body fat, improve their nutrition and grow in self confidence. My mission is to make women feel great about themselves. 

A few years ago, I found myself working a 50+ hour job that I didn't enjoy. My sleep began to suffer so much it was non existent and my stress levels overruled me.

I started to train in Muay Thai, at first it was just for stress relief and for some 'me time'. Fast forward a few years and I am far happier, sleep fulfilled and a less stressed woman.

After seeing first hand the changes fitness had made in my life, I decided I wanted to help others in the same way. This is why I am now a full time personal trainer & coach.

Along side competing Muay Thai as a professional athlete I love coaching others to achieve their goals. I use my knowledge of both Martial Arts and fitness for pad work sessions which is a great calorie burn and stress release, add that to my love for all things fitness and we can get you were you want to be.    

If you're looking for a caring and passionate coach then get in contact and we can get you started on the right track today.