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 ADULT MUAY THAI KICKBOXING, the art of 8 limbs (Thai Boxing)
Muay Thai Kickboxing is a full body Martial Art style that gives you a full body workout using kicks, punches, knees and elbows, all while improving your balance, coordination, fitness and building your self confidence.
At Team 180° Martial Arts we cater for all levels, with no previous experience needed. 
At Team 180° Martial Arts we pride ourselves in being a family based community that aims to leave you feeling like part of the team. 
Muay Thai Kickboxing classes offer you, 
Self defence - fitness - social - fat loss - fun - discipline - build confidence - learn new skills 



Regardless of your age, level of fitness or experience Team 180 Martial Arts is the boxing & fitness facility for you in Banbury.
To workout at Team 180 Martial Arts you don't need previous boxing experience as 
one of our experienced coaches will show you the way. 

At Team 180 Martial Arts our sessions suit everyone, from fitness lovers looking for a great workout, to those looking to  learn new skills and learn boxing.  
"Remember you don't have to be a fighter to train Boxing" 


We all know it's easy to forget how important our mental and physical health is, maybe your stressed? maybe you dislike your job? maybe your looking for something new, fun and exciting? Look no further...

 At Team 180 Martial Arts our ladies Boxing class is a great total body workout for stress relief and fitness.


we use all different boxing techniques along with body weight exercises to get you working hard, pushing your fitness and feeling amazing & all without getting punched in the face! (This class is for fitness and fun and not a full contact class) 

Improve your fitness - self defence - confidence - learn new skills - meet new people 



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