"My name is Sam, I am 30 years old, a single mum to 2 children, a teenager and a 2 year old and I work full time so I have hands full, along with a serious back issue.


I started PT with Charlotte and then added boot camp with rob initially to loose weight after multiple failed fad diets and failed exercise routines before and after having my son.


Gym works so well for me because every session is tailored so I get my max benefit out of it, an hour session and your done, leaving me feeling satisfied so spurring me on to go to the next session, 14 months on quite an a fair few stone lighter and I’m still here loving every session. 


I really have had some massive results and I can’t see me stopping any time soon! 


Would DEFIANTLY recommend Gym 180°!


The place really does have a team spirit about it and everyone seems to just fit in and get along, I have found it to be much better than the more traditional gyms I have tried! 

They work my sessions around my bad back which works for me and allows me to carry on training regularly, It really has changed my life, I no longer spend pointless hours walking on a tread mill, and I have actually got real lasting results."

Sam Murphy



"Best and most conscientious personal trainer. Friendly, convenient and professional. Cant recommend highly enough."

Dee Craven


"This is Phoenix aka Dave. He is just 7. 


Phoenix began with Gym 180 doing the kids boot camp in the summer. He was a little chunky and as I have been overweight most of my life I didn't want this for him. He enjoyed the sessions and showed interest in trying MuayThai Kickboxing classes. 


Phoenix 'Dave' struggles with concentration and so I was worried about whether it would work for him. He has taken to the classes and really wants to do well. He has shown an improvement in his fitness he couldn't run around a field before but can now and quicker. Even the GP has even mentioned he has improved body shape and fitness. 


Phoenix can be a challenge pushing boundaries and not listening properly in school and at home. The team at Gym 180 deal with him fantastically giving him those clear boundaries he needs and persevering with him, helping him to improve his fitness, concentration and confidence. He loves his sessions and it's raising his confidence, fitness and social awareness. It's been great for him as a whole little person."

Cherry-Mai Smith



"Rob is a great trainer who really cares about his clients and treats them all as individuals. Keeps workouts fresh and interesting and always ready to adapt to suit injury. Never short of helpful advise. Every session is enjoyable."

Jeanne Robinson


"My name is Harry, I’m 8 and I am a member of Gym 180°, since joining in January 2018 my mum has  seen my confidence grow massively since I joined.. before I started i was frustrated all the time and would take it out on my mum.. since going I have had no out burst and respect my mum alot more, I participate in Muay Thai Kickboxing. They are always well structured and full of fun. As well as my confidence growing I am much more disciplined and feel so much better in myself, my mum would recommend classes to anyone that have the same issues . We believe taking these classes at Gym 180° has changed our life and made our home happier."

Harry Turner



"Great friendly gym, run by a dedicated team who actually care about your progress!"

Cat Tyler


"My name is Heather and I am 24 years old. I have been having PT sessions with Rob for nearly 8 months now and have more recently started the Ladies Muay Thai classes with Charlotte.


I decided to start PT with Rob after glowing recommendations from some friends. During my final year playing Rugby at University, I badly tore my MCL and was out for a total of 9 months. My mental and physical health went downhill as I went from intensive training 6 times a week, in a sport that had been my life for 10 years, to a weight gain of 3.5 stone. This changed the way I play rugby completely and I lost all confidence when trying to go to the gym as I was so insecure about the way I looked. 


Training with Rob has changed my life completely. With a weight loss of nearly 10kg and some serious muscle gain, I have newfound confidence. I am almost back to the player I was on the pitch and each week I improve a little more with new PB’s and increased fitness. 


I particularly like the way the sessions are designed where your progress is tracked each week and you have clear and realistic goals. The sessions are motivation and specifically tailored to each individuals needs. During my 3rd MCL tear this November, rob adjusted our sessions to accommodate my injury and as a result my strength and fitness continued to improve in the 6 weeks I was out. I have always felt comfortable and welcomed by Rob and Charlotte and would HIGHLY recommend the PT sessions and Ladies only Muay Thai classes which, despite my complete lack of coordination, I thoroughly enjoy. Thank you so much to Rob and Charlotte for creating such a lovely environment in your Gym."

Heather B



"Brilliant place to train/workout whether your looking to learn the art of 8 limbs + boxing or just want to get into better shape they have a mixtureof different classes, also very welcoming and a friendly atmosphere with great coaches that will help you on your journey."

Max Kirkwood


"Hi my name is Jess, I have been doing Muay Thai Kickboxing at Gym 180° for just over 2 years now and I love it! 

I also do summer boot camp and PT sessions on my own and with my mum and sisters. I love that they always encourage me to be the best I can be and teach me new skills, the coaches are all very nice, friendly and supportive. 

I have taken part in 2 interclubs and can't wait to do more and my goal is to do a real decision fight.

I have made lots of friends and we always have loads of fun whilst training hard and getting fitter.

I really enjoy going to fight nights and supporting my coaches and other adult members of Gym 180°."

Jess Lewis



"Alice she turned 4 in december. We attended our first session of Tiny Thais Muay Thai Kicboxing in Jan. I wanted alice to join an after school activity, somewhere that she could manage her energy, build her confidence but also so she had something to do just for her each week. Alice enjoys being centre of attention at home and loves people watching her. I felt doing something like this gave Alice that opportunity but in an educational way too. Our family expanded in November and Alice gained a new baby sister, sophie. Because of this a lot of our focus had been around sophie. Joining Tiny Thais has given Alice a spot each week where she is my focus.


Both charlotte and rob are fantastic! Alice can be very hesitant at trying new things and around new people. However not at Tiny Thai's. The sessions are different every week, keeping the children, interested and engaged making it fun but also teaching them important skills, such as balance and co ordination! Alice is doing a lot more at pre school now since attending these sessions, climbing apparatus and just genuinely being more confident! Every day Alice asks if its "muay thai" day. She is so enthusiastic about these weekly sessions and its fab to see!"

Nikki Williams